Hybrid Camper Basics

Consumers looking to save money and invest in a recreational vehicle look to hybrid campers. Hybrid campers are far more fuel efficient than conventional travel campers relying on regular fuel alone. In fact, hybrid campers prove amazingly advantageous in terms of monetary savings over the long term.

As you shop around for one of many hybrid campers you will need to consider the size, the interior floor plan, the construction and structure quality, the camper tow rating, and the fuel efficiency of such an offering before you buy. You will be pleasantly surprised at the diversity of hybrid campers on offer today.

About Hybrid Campers: Features And Specifications

Hybrid campers have a wide range of features for you to choose from; they generally sport a construction made of a durable hard shell. They prove impressively portable and some are offered as folding hybrid campers too. You will want to closely compare hybrid campers for their interior features to see what is included with every offering; you need to look at appliances, furnishings, and all the add-ons that such a camper can have so that you choose the ideal option for you and your family. As you view features you will also want to closely examine the unique floor plans that hybrid campers are offered with too. These campers range in terms of their size and you can get campers that sport fully enclosed bathrooms, kitchens, areas for dining, and even bunk beds or king sized beds as well. You will have to determine what floor plan works for you based on your size and special needs.

Hybrid campers are created so that they have reduced wind drag; they are more aerodynamic and therefore more fuel efficient. In addition, hybrid campers are impressively stable; this too increases the fuel efficiency derived from these selections because they put less strain on the motor. Hybrid campers are made with lightweight components and materials which further reduces engine strain. Many leading camper manufacturers are now offering hybrid campers for the consumer seeking for a fuel efficient, environmentally friendly travel camper option.

Many campgrounds are setup to accommodate campers with electrical hookups and freshwater connections. These campgrounds may also have concrete slaps on which to park your camper to give it a solid foundation.

There are many kinds of campers available on the market. From small, fabric pop up campers to full sized RV's. There is some kind of camper to meet every need and price point. For many, the hybrid camper is the best compromise in a versatile tow behind design.

What Is A Hybrid Camper?

These are tow behind campers that combine the features of a hard sided trailer with those of a pop up trailer. When deployed, these campers have one or more beds that can fold down from the sides of the camper. They can then fold up when traveling. That this is done into hard sided walls is a major plus over standard canvas tents. Hybrid campers may still incorporate canvas tent like sections that can be extended. These hybrid campers can offer a greater space to weight ratio than standard campers and more solidity than canvas pop up models.

These are typically less expensive than full sized campers while still offering many of the amenities. They are typically light weight which allows them to be pulled easily by even 6 cylinder vehicles. In fact, some of these campers claim that studies have shown their campers only require 1 extra gallon of gas for every 100 miles traveled.

What Are Some Of The Features?

There are many different features that can be found on hybrid campers. Many of these are similar to those you might find in a full sized camper or even in a home. Some of them are listed here.


Hybrid trailers can have all of the amenities you would expect to find in larger, more expensive campers. Power bath vents can help keep odor to a minimum and some campers feature internal bath tubs and external showers. Many even feature a refrigerator to keep food cool. Comfort is not forgotten in these campers as well. Air conditioning and furnaces of 20 thousand BTU's or more can be installed. Water heaters and included water tanks can help keep fresh and hot water available even if the camping site doesn't supply it. Ample interior lighting and multiple options for television hookups can make the interior a more comfortable place to spend time. The comforts of home can be had in these hybrid campers as well with stainless steel sinks and granite look countertops.


Features on the outside of the camper can be just as important. Awnings and porch lights can make the area outside of the camper a nice place to spend the evenings. Some of these have room for 2 20 lb. propane tanks, which provides enough fuel to keep things going for days even without external power hookups. A metal underbelly is a great feature that many of these hybrid campers which protects the underside and adds stability to the whole camper. A satellite dish and solar panels are some of the more unusual features. Radial tires are now a commonplace feature and independent suspension can be found on many models. A full length steel frame is a notable feature that can be found on many models and helps add strength to the entire camper.

Where To Find More Information Online?

There are many good places to find more information online about hybrid campers. As with any large purchase, you should do as much research before making a purchase as you possibly can. Some good places to start your research are listed below.

Trail Manor.com

This is an excellent site to begin researching your hybrid camper purchase. They have a large section devoted to helping you choose the right RV for you. They have a review section with consumer reviews from those who have actually purchased these campers as well as professional reviews to help users make a wise decision on which camper they would like to buy. Within their own showroom, they have specs and features of their models as well as floor plans of the campers they offer. They have a large picture gallery to help you get a visual idea of what you are seeing. You can visit this site at http://www.trailmanor.com.

My RV Network.com

This site offers articles outlining nearly all aspects of camper life. They have an excellent article about considering a hybrid camper. They also have RV news and press releases. There is a classified section on the site to help people buying and selling campers to find matches. A forum is included on the site to help those interested in campers to discuss all things camper. There are sections available with information on camper financing and insurance as well, assuring that you can get all of the information you need from start to finish when it comes to researching a new camper.

The offerings at this site continue with a RV campground directory to help you find a RV friendly place to setup camp. They have an RV finder for shopping for new campers as well. There are links to RV dealers and resorts dedicated to RV camping. There are even links to RV shows that may be in your area where you can see all of the new models in one place. This site can be found at http://www.myrvnetwork.com.

Hybrid Explorer.com

This is excellent enthusiast site for those who enjoy camping in RV's. They have listings for RV friendly camp grounds as well as a listing of RV dealers. They have a large section of camping articles and press releases. They have a forum full of camper related topics that are submitted by users who enjoy RV camping as well as a place for others to ask any camping related questions. This site can be found at http://www.hybridexplorer.com.

Forest River Inc

Forest River Inc sells hybrid campers at low prices. This company has hybrid campers by Rockwood Roo ® , Shamrock ® , and Surveyor ® . The Rockwood Roo ® model, for instance, has drawers and raised panel doors crafted out of solid wood; glued/screwed cabinetry made of wood, and metal drawers. It is carpeted and it sports a floor covering that is mildew resistant if you opt for the 233S, 21SSL, or the 21SS model, and it has a ducted furnace inside for heat efficiency. This model sports a monitor panel, a 12V power hook up, a 55 Amp converter, a charger, a bunk fan, reading lights, an entertainment system, valances, a dinette for a family, a refrigerator, a bathroom skylight, a foot flush toilet, and a water heater. The exterior of this model comes with a radius roof, vinyl roofing, an aluminum frame, insulated walls and ceilings, a frame skirting, a screened door entrance, and more. For full specifications visit the Forest River Inc website at http://www.forestriverinc.com/nd/hybrid_campers.asp.

RVW RV Wholesalers

RVW RV Wholesalers sells a whole host of hybrid campers. You can even customize your own expandable hybrid camper and have it built to your specification. You can choose the color of the camper and this company will deliver the camper that you order. You can visit their lot and see a free demonstration of the campers that interest you too. This company sells hybrid campers by Rockwood Roo ® , Wildwood Xlite ® , Rockwood Mini ® , Focus Hybrid Travel Trailers, Passport Express Travel Trailers, Palomino Stampede Travel Trailers, and Palomino Banshee Travel Trailers. They also specialize in the sale of fifth wheels, toy hauler fifth wheels, park trailers, and toy haulers. Popular brands on offer include Thor Industries ® , Skyline/Nomad ® , RV Brand ® , Palomino ® , Keystone ® , Heartland ® , Gulfstream ® , Forest River ® , Crossroads ® , and Coachmen ® . For more information visit the RVW Wholesalers website at http://www.rvwholesalers.com/design/hybrid_campers.php.

Best RV Center

The Best RV Center sells hybrid campers at reasonable prices. They specialize in a wide array of camper sales and have offerings from manufacturers like Thor ® , Skyline ® , Pilgrim International ® , Pacific Coachworks ® , MVP ® , Keystone ® , FourWinds ® , Forest River ® , Fleetwood ® , Eclipse ® , Dutchman ® , Crossroads ® , Coachman ® , Alfa ® , and A Liner ® . This company has camper models ranging from 2003 to 2012. You can view photographs of the hybrid camper that they have on offer and you can read camper descriptions as you view their online inventory. You will find models like the 2011 Forest River Rockwood Roo ® sporting a cherry wood interior, a Westport interior coloring, a gas oven, an awning, a microwave, a 13500 BTU air system, satellite and cable hookups, a double door, exterior speakers, a spare tire carrier/cover, a heated mattress, a water purifier, a carbon monoxide detector, a create a breeze roof vent in the bathroom, and a 110 DSI gas/electric water heater. This model is a 19 foot model that is self contained, can sleep eight, and it has a 42 gallon water tank capacity. For more details visit the Best RV Center website at http://www.bestrv.com/category.cfm?catnum=81.

Hartville RV Center Inc.

Hartville RV Center Inc. has hybrid campers by Jayco ® . This model is a folding hybrid camper and they also have hard hybrids for sale. The hybrid campers that this company offers are made of light weight components and materials, and their hard shell hybrids have slide out walls that extend from the rear of the camper; these campers are easy to tear down and set up because the slide out wall is power driven. The models on offer by this company are all 2011 offerings including the Jay Feature Select X19H, the Jay Feather Sport X17C, the Jay Feather Sport X17Z, and the Jay Feather Sport X20E. The MSRPs of the campers on offer range from $18936.00 to $21629.00. They also have the 2011 K-Z Spree Escape priced at $13596.00. This company is located in Hartville, Ohio on 540 South Prospect Ave. For full details visit Hartville RV Center Inc at http://www.hartvillerv.com/foldingtraveltrailers.htm.

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